About Me

I'm Isaac Anderson.

I've been a researcher at one of the top engineering universities in France, aiding their attempts to perform material testing by proposing designs that cut costs by 95%. I've spent a year as a Detail Designer at the world's largest hovercraft company, seeing my designs being fitted onto craft mere days after completion. And I've got a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Advanced Design. But it was only during my dissertation, where I attempted to create rules for concept development, that I discovered UX.

And I loved it.

So after graduating, I took some time to delve deeper into this exciting world. While doing this, I've also;

I've also explored behavioural design - focusing on areas such as how behaviour can be influenced, the conditions required for an action to be taken and how habits are formed.

So take a look at what I've done, discover how I've combined two different strands of design thinking and play with the prototypes I've created. And if you like what you see, get in touch!